History / Vision

The Seed

Every (sports) organization eventually becomes known for their “culture.” They are guided by their own time-tested philosophy. A unique set of CORE values that infiltrate and define us as players, parents, coaches, and Directors.

After working with various volleyball clubs and school programs over the past several years, coach Erik recognized the need for a different kind of program with a much different philosophy and core values. He envisioned an elite volleyball club free from the grip of politics. A place where talent and work ethic reign supreme. Where hard work and dedication take precedence over personal circles and connections, over wealth or stature, over what school a player attends. A place where kids can be kids and have fun without worrying about being embarrassed, deflated, berated or degraded. A place where passionate players and parents can be surrounded by positive energy and like-minded people. A place where people refer to each other as “family.”

And so the story begins…

The Spark

Fury Volleyball Club was founded by Erik and Jessica Welker in late April of 2019. By mid-May, they acquired a small space inside of a facility located in downtown Woodstock. During the Fall of that same year, they held their inaugural season travel club tryouts. The tryouts resulted in production of 8 high-octane travel teams with massive potential. Three of these teams went on to compete at the highest level of play in the Open Division, and their 12U team, led by coach Courtney Weider, topped the charts, ranking 2nd in the region and 32nd in the Nation!

In March of 2020, Fury Volleyball Club exited their The Mill on Etowah in downtown Canton, GeorgiaWoodstock location in search of a space that could facilitate their exponential growth. Three months later, they signed a deal on a 31,000+ square foot facility in downtown Canton, GA at The Mill on Etowah.

The Vision

Fury Volleyball Club is currently planning for a total of 7 volleyball courts in the new facility, including 4 full-sized hard courts, 1 mini hard court for the younger players, and 2 regulation-sized indoor sand volleyball courts, making their facility the only indoor sand facility in the area!

Fury Volleyball plans to field at least 15 competitive indoor junior girls travel club teams in the Fall of 2020, with the possibility of several boys club teams as well.

They will also be launching their all-new “Fury Beach” competitive sand volleyball club in the Spring of 2021, as well as a barrage of adult men’s, women’s, co-ed, and parent/player leagues and tournaments in the very near future!

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The Legacy

Erik and Jessica have goals and aspirations to grow and build their elite volleyball organization to new heights in the years to come, with multiple locations already being discussed.

Their business is family owned and operated and, through faith and perseverance, they are destined to become a legacy within the Canton community and beyond.