FundRaising Program

Fury Volleyball Club is proud to announce our NO ATHLETE LEFT BEHIND FundRaising Program!

The Harsh Reality is: Club sports are expensive and out-of-reach for many athletes and their families, and there are countless (potential superstar) athletes who, unfortunately, are robbed of the opportunity to master the game simply because they don’t have the money to participate.

The Fury Volleyball Club FundRaising Program aims to drastically reduce these types of scenarios within the boys and girls youth volleyball community, giving our kids the opportunity to quickly and easily raise the funds they need, not only for Club dues/fees, but travel expenses as well!…

How Does it Work?
Players who are interested in participating in our Fundraising program must be registered for our Inaugural Season tryouts. Once tryouts are over, players can continue to promote this program throughout the entire season. There are NO deadlines or due dates. WOW!
(Click Here for complete details of our Club season and to get registered)

Allow our Hand-Crafted Media Packets to do the selling for you!

All tryout registrants will receive an email within 24 hours of registering. This email contains login and download instructions for your media packets. You can also pick up these packets from Coach Erik at Fury Volleyball Club during all clinics and practices beginning on Monday, September 30th.

Once you have your media packets, simply share them with local business owners and individuals. You will find that many of our local business owners will be familiar with, and even attracted to, the Fury Volleyball Club name due to our strong presence in and around the Canton/Woodstock community, along with our stellar reputation as the area’s top volleyball club.

These businesses will be offered a unique opportunity to have their business logo and information displayed inside of the Fury Volleyball Club facility and on our website for an entire year! Plus, they get something really special that they can be proud to display in their business!

Here is what they get…

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