Private Lessons

Fury Volleyball Club Private Lessons are a perfect fit for players who are:

  • Looking to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents and peers with personal one-on-one attention
  • Facing a specific problem, challenge or hurdle that they need to overcome
  • Wanting to be sure they have the tools necessary to make whatever team they are trying out for
  • Striving to accelerate at a specific position on the court.
  • More…

With the unmatched knowledge and experience of our elite coaching staff, we are quite confident that we can drastically improve ANY player’s on-court ability in ANY position they play! So bring on your toughest challenges and allow our experts to work on a fast and viable solution with you.

Please choose the plan below that best fits your needs, and as soon as we receive your request we will contact you to schedule your private lesson day(s) and time(s)…

* You will receive an email within 24 hours of payment with our currently available time slots for the coach(es) you choose below.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Jessica@FuryVolleyball.Club

| Available Private Lessons Experts |

Dani Cutlip

Serve Break Down – Basic/Jump Float/Top Spin

Fundamental Passing/Hitting/Setting/Footwork

Advanced Serve Receive and Defensive Specialist/Libero

Advanced Positional Hitting & Timing

Erik Welker

Advanced Court Strategies

Left-handed players

Strength & Conditioning

Right Side Attack & All-Around Game

Leah Brown

Serving Breakdown

Setting Fundamentals

Libero & Defense

Game Strategy

Leann Alame

Positional Hitting

Blocking Footwork/Transition

Defense Dynamics

Basic/Advanced Serving

Jaimee Rindy

Middle Hitting

Positional Hitting


Front Row Footwork

Danielle Camp

Middle Hitting/Blocking

Serving Basics + Advanced Techniques

Libero/Defensive Specialist

Serve Receive

Abby Turek

Beginner Player Specialist

Fundamental Passing/Hitting


Serving Breakdown

Lauren DeSanctis

Beginner Player Specialist

Basic Fundamentals

Beginner Serving

Defense & Passing

Please Choose Your Package Below

NOTE: ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE OUTSIDE OF 48 HOURS. If you cancel a scheduled lesson within 48 hours of your lesson time, you will be charged 50% of the lesson cost. If you cancel a scheduled lesson within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson time, you will be charged 100% of the lesson cost. Thank you for your understanding in advance.